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Short-let? Lovely venues? Property List Booking got you! Come and see our featured properties and find event venues in Nigeria. You can easily find event venues, book a reservation, and get to enjoy the comfort that these luxurious properties have to offer. As a plus, there are even more features unique to each of these properties.

Take a look and see it for yourself and discover the best short-let event with our featured properties!


Find Event Venues in Nigeria and Book Events

Property List Hub Booking provides you a cost-effective way of booking a place. You can book a place to stay from our choices of Short lets of flats, apartments, private rooms, shared rooms or entire home. Moreover, you can book a place for that special event at your local Event centers with event halls, meeting rooms and conference rooms.

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Experience The Best Short-lets Event!

Learn how our online property listing platform works – how you can find event venues in Nigeria, search and book for reservations.



You can easily find the property you are looking for with our platform. There are sorting options available to narrow down your searches based on location, price, and availability. Furthermore, you can perform any lookups in the comfort of your home.


Once you find the property that suits your preference, you can immediately book for reservation.

Select your check-in and check-out date, and the number of guests.

The price will immediately show up. Also, there are some additional options available to some properties. All the properties and owners are verified so that you can ensure secure transactions.

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You will receive a warm welcome once you arrived at the property where you booked a reservation. All you need to do is show some verification and voila! — you will be accompanied to your unit. Now you can relax and enjoy the vacation or the event that you have yearned for a long time.

Would you like to rent your property or event center to short-term tenants?

Partner with us today.


Whether you are looking for a place to stay or a space to hold an event, Property List Hub has it all. You can easily find the properties you need; in consideration of the location you prefer and your budget. Come and explore our vast selection of properties now.


Do you have an upcoming event but no place to celebrate it yet? So, get rid of your worries! Take time to look at the 5-star conference rooms, event halls, and meeting rooms that we have to offer!

Find event venues in Nigeria and make a reservation with us to make your event a memorable one.

Event Center Booking

Event Center Booking
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Short-let Booking

Do you have a business trip? Family vacation? Or want to spend time alone? Find an ideal place to stay! Explore our wide selection of apartments that will best suit your preference.

Short Let Booking

Short Let of flats, mini-flats, apartments, Duplexes of Shared Rooms, Private Rooms, Entire Home
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Property List Hub has it all – from several luxurious properties to different guides for an enjoyable trip. In this section, you can find several blogs written by travel experts and enthusiasts, which will surely help you make better plans for your next vacations.

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